milk care 
service and support

Spills happen! As careful as you may be, you never know what’s round the next corner. And when you hit that bump in the road, we’ve got your back. After all, we’re the team who knows everything about your scooter and do everything we can to get you back on two wheels.

What’s included?

Lost a part? We’ve got spares. Need a repair? Send us an email. Team Milk will do everything possible to keep your scooter in tip top condition. Plus, we’ll also give your scooter regular check-ups (we promise they won’t hurt a bit). The best part? The cost of all parts and labour are included in your Milk Care package.

What about accidental damage?

We’ll patch your tyres and replace any missing parts, but what we can’t do is fix any accidental damage. So if your scooter gets bent out of shape while you’re attempting some daredevil moves, Milk Care won’t cover that. But we will do what we can to get your scooter working safely again. Just think, there’s a story behind every dent!

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